About Us

Blogging made easy for you!

If you are looking for help setting up a blog, you are in the right place. We’re the one-stop resource center for internet users who are new to blogging.

It seems virtually everyone is a blogger nowadays. You hear your friend talking excitedly abut their new fashion blog. Your cousin calls to ask you to check out his new fitness blog. You want help to start your own blog so you can share what you know with others as well.

But you’re not technically-savvy and don’t even know what those funny technology acronyms stand for. So how the heck do you get started?…

We’ve created this site to help beginners like you navigate the waters and ensure the success of your new blog project. People start blogging with different levels of internet and social media experience but everyone has made some mistakes in the process, so there’s always room for improvement and learning whether you are a newbie or your have been a blogger for years.