Create a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Blog

To create a blog you don’t need much technical knowledge or experience. In fact latest technology has made it quite simple… but to create a blog and make passive income streams with it – you actually need to know what you are doing.

In this guide we will create a blog in 3 easy steps!

While there are multiple option provided for free, you will find that spending a few dollars a month on hosting and onetime fee to purchase domain goes a long way! Free hosted blogs have multitude of restrictions and what is even worth – they can terminate your account and ALL content without as much as simple warning just because you might inadvertently broke a rule you failed to read on small print.

In my recommendation to properly create blog we will use WordPress and a good host. Hostgator and Bluehost tend to be some of the more user friendly and best supported, if you need one.

Step One: Install Blog

Once you hosting account is established login into your cPanel. Generally somewhere at the bottom you will see an icon “Fantastic”. Click on it and then from the multitude of option choose WordPress and proceed with a new install.

This option is very valuable for the first blog installation but once you learn the ropes I recommend you star investigating a manual install as you have a lot more options for creating a secure installation.

Step 2: Install and Activate New Theme

I recommend you locate a new theme to be used for your new blog BEFORE you even start the installation. Theme is a template that defines look and feel of your blog and how information presented to visitor.

While content quality is a MUST – theme will define if your visitors’ even stick around long enough to read it. Quality theme is a must to create a favorable first impression and make it simple for your readers to find and read the content you will create. Simply search Google for “WordPress Web 2.0 themes” to find some of the best-looking themes available for WordPress. Generally authors will provide install instructions and any special requirements. As much as possible, avoid using themes that are commonly use to set up a PBN. Remember that this is your main blog and you don’t want it to look like a PBN.

Step 3: Activate and Install New Plugins

Plugins are small pieces of code that add new functionality to your blog or enhance existing. Sometimes even beyond what original developers intended. They are responsible for adding interactivity to your blog that magnifies the user experience and choosing just the right set is a MUST. has quite an expensive list of plugins you can use on your new blog but to benefit fully I recommend you concentrate on enhancing following areas: commenting system; voting and polling; social sharing; content organization. Once you get the set of plugins that fit your audience you will discover much increased participation and interaction.

As you can see 3 simple steps to create a blog quite possible and while the force you to go a bit beyond basics – that is what innovation requires. Research and experimenting is what defines blogosphere and only through them you become a valid member of community and contribute.