How To Create Your Own Blog

There are multiple ways in which you can create Blog for your business or your personal use. Every business needs an online website to show their offer to the Internet customers. As you already know off-line website creators charge you a fortune for building a website.

Why do you need a blog?

Any business without online presence nowadays will definitely fail. It is because every individual now has access to Internet and smart phones. As a result it is your duty to adjust to technology improvements to cope with your competitors. Otherwise time will offer you irreparable damage to your business. That is why it is a must to create blog for your business.

But business is not the only reason you will need your blog. You might be a person who likes to blog about a new cryptocurrency, or a woman who would like to write her personal stories about beauty and make-up by creating a fashion blog, or a graduated student who would like to set up a website resume, or a person/blogger willing to make money online by blogging or by setting up niche blogs. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you need a blog, there are multiple choices for you to choose from a list and build a blog that suits your needs.

Steps involved to create your own  blog using WordPress

First thing to create blog is to register your own domain name or website address. Now that you have chosen your domain name and web hosting it is now time to start creating your blog using the domain and web hosting which you’ve bought.

Install WordPress To Create a Successful Blog

Installing WordPress is very easy, once you finish installing you will need to choose a theme or design for your WordPress blog. There are hundreds of free themes available to you from within the WordPress interface. If you in search of premium themes, you can also find many. Decide on a theme by considering the look and feel which you have in mind and then install and activate it.

After installing the theme, create the blog by adding the necessary plug-ins first. There are so plenty of plug-ins for free found in WordPress like All in One Seo pack. After creating the essential pages then start adding content, images, videos as per your requirement to the blog.

Your blog must be SEO friendly so that it can rank in Google for its keywords. WordPress itself has so many Seo friendly features, but it is better if you add some tweaks to WordPress to make it very much seo friendly and the above seo plugin is highly recommended.

Now you have found out how to create free and useful blog using WordPress.